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We just added HOABoardAbuse.com to our list of domain names. HOA Board Abuse is also the working title of a book I am writing that details our struggles for justice at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort…and how this same kind of board abuse is negatively affecting tens of millions of homeowners across the nation.

This domain used to point to our DeerRidgeOwners.com site so that visitors could read all about the outrageous and illegitimate HOA Board Abuse we suffer under here at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort here in Gatlinburg, TN.  Please click Deer Ridge Mountain Resort to read all about it.

Based on all the emails and other correspondence I’ve been receiving from all over the USA, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other home owners believe they too are being victimized by HOA Boards.

We intend for this domain, and the upcoming book, to be a springboard for a growing grassroots effort to change things by demanding that our local and state and even federal governments stop the abuse of these HOA communities that are being run as small fiefdoms by the HOA Board members.  We believe that our legislatures need to pass new laws with significant teeth in them to help ensure the rights of all homeowners who live in HOA communities. We believe that local, state and federal government agencies need to police all HOAs and enforce the current and future legislation that will protect all homeowners.

If you’re currently having problems with your own HOA, I invite you to leave a message below that describes your situation.

Stay tuned as we develop this effort!

Fight HOA Board Abuse – Please Donate To The Cause

If you believe in free speech as much as we do, we need your help – no matter where in America you may live. Your donation, no matter how small, will help us fight against HOA Board Abuse here at Deer Ridge Mountain Resort.

The Deer Ridge HOA board and individual board members have filed a $1 Million Lawsuit against me in their ongoing attempts to stop this blog and have its contents removed. Click Press Release for details.

This power clique wants to continue to block free speech on this property and to keep their illegitimate secrets hidden from other owners.

They are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars of other owners’ money on legal fees to keep themselves in power while they continue to break both Tennessee state law and Deer Ridge property law.

We need your help with the legal fees that will be required to force them to abide by the law – and insure that Deer Ridge Mountain Resort is entitled to free speech like the rest of America.

If you would like to join with others who believe in free speech and believe that all of the 305,000 Home Owner Associations across the nation should be protected from tyrannical boards that ignore the laws, please click the
Donate Button below.

Even a donation of just a few dollars would be very greatly appreciated as a way of showing that we have financial support from thousands of Americans for these important issues!

Thanks so much to all of those of you who have already contributed!

Thanks so much to all of those of you who have already contributed!

Please help us broadcast this Press Release to others you know who can spread the word. You are welcome to link to this site from Twitter, Facebook or other sites.

With your help we can fight and win this $1 Million lawsuit – and keep this blog active – and an inspiration and model for other HOA Abuse Blogs across the nation.