My Name Is Norman Zuanaich: I Died A Few Days Ago

My Name Is Norman Zuanaich: I Died A Few Days Ago
… members, endless opportunities to provide, necessarily or not, legal counseling at stellar costs thereby eroding HOA funds, and infinite opportunities to spot and impose liens thereby accruing high legal fees in the process, and ultimately causing …
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Resident concerned with travel on private road
Sheridan said the Homeowners Association is looking at three options to stop shortcut drivers. They can ask the Cornwall police to ticket the drivers for trespassing, and he noted there is signage posted along the road informing drivers it is a private …
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Six questions you should ask before you buy a vacation condo
I can't advise you strongly enough to go through the buying process with a lawyer who understands the rules and regulations pertaining to condo associations. Once you hire counsel, make sure he or she reviews the rules with you. When you are …
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